The Value of a Feeling

Upgrading a client’s service to stellar is simple.

Simply listen and speak to their need. They will love you for it later!

In Starbucks I overheard a mom of four boys who had recently bought a new minivan tell a friend about her experience. 

“It was some plan they break down so it disappears into your monthly payment. All I know is if my carpet gets ruined, they’ll replace it. I mean, wow! Totally replace it! My kids have trashed carpet before, and they’ll probably do it again…and when I go to sell this van I can cash in on this deal and sell it for way more with new carpet—now that’s a deal. I didn’t even know they had services like this! I’m glad I got it.

See? She is ecstatic over that service upgrade. It holds value now (peace of mind) and major potential value later. It tells her over and over again that she can let go for once and not stress out over the carpet…and still sell the van when she needs to. 

Obviously too familiar with the painful dread of trying to sell a van with some very disturbing stains, this service plan’s additional feature translates to a very specific feeling: release from the weight of dread. You can’t put a price on that kind of relief! 

No one had to crowd her into saying yes to this service plan. They had her at “replace the carpet.” The service plan met her at her need, and the value in it sang a love song only she could understand. 

Know your buyer!

Take time to listen and they’ll reveal needs that you can easily meet. Put yourself in their shoes, imagine how they feel in their life, then name the service that will provide them some relief. What is priceless: stellar service that will keep them on repeat saying, “Now that’s a deal!”