How To Powerfully Increase Your Sales and Satisfaction with Prayer and Positive Intentions

Tis the season for a little reverence, as Christmas gears up and the year winds down. Religious or not, did you know that taking a few moments to cast your gaze upward can make a massive difference in the outcome of anything? It’s the last thing from weird: many people in sales and business of all kinds make a practice of praying daily. Prayer and intentional, positive mental gestures significantly impact events for the best. They can even change your brain and the way you think.

So how do you do it?

Here are some high points to hit before beginning your day: Think of the wide scope of your company—its impact on you is only a fraction of the whole picture. See in your mind’s eye the far-reaching effects your company has on your clients, your coworkers in every area of the business, and all the people their lives touch. With that perspective in place, ask for a blessing over your company. Lift up everyone involved in the process of the company.

Ask for their success in every area of life, as nothing hangs on itself. Pronounce restoration in areas of imbalance. Speak peace over their storms. Invite continued blessings to flow over and through them, as those will spill over into others and provide increase. Request wisdom and favor as you share the benefits of your goods and services. 

Pray for open lines of communication and an environment of honesty. Ask for discernment to know the true needs of your clients. Pray to deal well with them both for their benefit and for the company’s increase in a manner worthy of praise as you honor both parties. 

Pray for creative, new ideas to solve problems and implement solutions that develop better techniques and results. Ask for guidance to navigate objections to purchase with skill and grace, releasing the client into a positive open state that leads to sales and good experiences. 

Pray for courage to take risks that lead to great rewards when setting up appointments, presenting pitches or offering services. Be thankful in advance for the need in this world for your product and service, and position yourself to be ready to see open doors that reveal new markets for them. Be grateful for growth in all areas with your clients.

Ask for increased sales every day. And as they occur, give thanks, and honor who gave them to you. Allow faith to increase alongside your sales.

As always, ATC is proud to have access into your life. We appreciate you and bless you today as you read this article. Contact us for more details about our services—we are happy to help!