How General is the General Manager?

In my experience over the past 20 years, I have met and worked with some very good General Managers. Many have been very proficient with the new & used, F & I and wholesale areas of our business. But most know very little about Fixed Operations outside of the used car recon process. 

Generally the General Manager come from the 'front end' of the dealership. This also stands true for most dealers themselves. GM's tend to be intimidated by Fixed Operations and most are missing out from a major profit center in their store, that directly applies to their income. Everyday dealers invest with education & training at some level. What if there was Fixed Operations training tailored towards the GM & Dealer? There is now in Kansas City through Automotive Training Concepts.

I don't intend on GM's that have a sales background becoming fluent Service Directors after training. But what if they could be trained on the math behind the success or failure of Fixed Operations, in a simple and easy to understand manner? What if a GM could arrive to work in the morning and have a 1 page simple document reporting the status of his/her Fixed Operations departments and easily understanding the drivers of the data? It can be done. They don't call it the back bone of the dealership for nothing. Why not invest in the #1 area to increase Service Absorption so when the icy winter months set in the sales department can breathe a little easier?

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