3 Easy Ways to Use Social Media in your Dealership

People these days! Always looking to see what’s going on upon a Facebook news feed, who’s tweeted in the last five minutes, what to watch on YouTube…it’s truly amazing how much that little device in our hands can hold our attention. 

Use that ready tool to your advantage! Access your customers and their friends right where they already hang out. Here are three ideas to get your wheels turning:

Show Some Behind-the-Scenes…

facebook like.jpg
  • Provide a sneak peek of a new product just before its scheduled launch date. This makes folks feel like they know something others don’t—and that feels good. Upload photos of the latest eye candy, either the whole car or a close up of a special feature. Get people excited.
  • Let customers see your team like your team sees your team. In other words, have fun and let the public in on it! Post impromptu snapshots of people as they work, tweet funny quotes as they’re said, gather for group shots once in a while…let people get to know your company as a collection of individuals that they can see themselves being friends with. After all, most people would rather buy from a friend than a stranger. 
  • Promote special discounts, deals and loyalty rewards exclusive to your followers. Business rides on the wind of impulse, so waft a sweet scent that will attract the nose…then reward them handsomely when they come in!

Give a Little.

  • Film some helpful shorts that feature useful stuff and upload it to YouTube. Things like how to detail clean a car, how to change wiper blades in only a few steps, how a warranty really works, how to prepare a vehicle for the best trade-in value—anything that will educate your customer and help them with a life hack will be a notch of kindness in their soul for your dealership. 
  • Tweet or post relevant news and info that may interest your customers. People are so busy that they may not hear industry news or heads-up announcements from anybody but you until it’s too late. Again, being in the know is a gift that puts folks ahead and they quietly appreciate the messenger. 
  • Provide ways for customers to help each other. Ask open-ended questions that allow followers to tell their story about certain topics. We learn from others’ experience more than any other way. This builds camaraderie.


  • Take time to answer or comment on peoples’ comments. This shows the watching crowd that someone with a heartbeat really is there on the other side administrating the page. Interaction going two ways is important if you want to keep people interested—no one wants to talk to a brick wall. Make people feel welcome by letting it all be a big conversation. 
  • Encourage customers to upload photos of their own with their new ride and share their good experience in a short blurb. Not only does this give them a place to fluff their feathers and feel heard by the world, it also gives your dealership a chance to celebrate with them—and this is perhaps the most important aspect of social media. People just want to feel appreciated and celebrated for the things they believe they’ve done right. By your simple “Yay! Looks great! We are so happy you love your car…and that you came to us to get it!” you have successfully completed the loop of business interaction. They’re happy. You’re happy. And the whole world can see it. 

Social Media matters so much more than we know. While it’s in our hand as a tool, we might as well use it to the fullest capability, and have fun doing it. Who knows? This could revolutionize your dealership’s culture over time too. 

At ATC, we care about bringing you the best tools and teaching you how to use them. Our classes with seasoned professionals sharpen the ax so you can cut to the chase—and see major results in short order. Contact us today to upgrade your dealership’s performance!