5 Ways to Be Inspired

This modern world demands everything. We do our best to do our best, but the list keeps getting longer. Giving, giving all the time leaves nothing to give after a while, all of us are bound to find out. Ever feel like a juice box? Sucked dry…and everyone is still trying to get more out of you? Soon you turn in on yourself…and it’s not a pretty picture. Empty-and-still-giving can be a quite dangerous place, affecting your physical health, skewing your emotional state and destroying your relationships as you just try to survive.  Some try to mask this with vices that numb the pain so they can keep going, but we all know that’s not the best way to go in the long run.

When everything feels like duty, life is hard. But have you ever noticed what you do out of love is easy and a hundred times more powerful?

No matter who you are, it’s built into your nature: you need to be replenished. When you’re properly filled, you operate from a position of strength, and success is soon to follow. You’re in luck: Love is everywhere. A universe that works hard to bring you what you need surrounds you. The trick: You gotta open up and let it in. Let the world around you give back what you’ve been shelling out:

See the Beauty

It’s everywhere. Open your eyes. It’s in the snow, the sunrise, the kind look on the passerby’s face, the steam of coffee, the taste of lunch. Beauty feeds us. Beauty has a powerful effect, able to soften the hardest callouses when you choose to let it in. 

Train your eye to seek out beauty in everything and you’ll never lack inspiration.

Hear the Song

Music reaches where nothing else can go. It reminds you of who you are. Alone in your car, at home in your room or out with your headphones, crank up the tunes—your favorites, the ones that make you shout Yes! Remember how much you loved music as a teen? Now that you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you need it any less. Your soul needs music. Make it a loud part of your regular routine. Install Pandora (the app) on your phone and discover new music associated with what you already know and like. Go the symphony. Attend concerts. Get music in you.

Go Places

Routine can suck you dry in no time. Variety is the spice of life, so shake things up with new experiences. Regularly plan outings that range farther than your normal path—every city has a million things to do. Do them. Humans need an influx of mental and visual fodder for their brains to keep working…plus, it’s fun. Remember fun?

Have fun

Play. No kidding—play games. Games challenge the brain in innovative ways, creating new neural pathways, increasing mass in areas that want to grow the whole time you’re alive. Games stimulate tension and release, joy and competition—healthy methods of processing life in a distanced way that doesn’t matter. Or does it? Oh, and don’t forget to laugh. It’s medicine to the bones.

Make Mental Space

Margin on the edges of a page are there for a reason: they give a reader the extra bandwidth necessary to process the information in the middle. If the text went from one side to the other, the text would be overwhelming; human brains lock down when overwhelmed, so retention would be minimal. Compare this to life: how much margin around the edges do you have right now? Need a break in the action? Make it so, Number One. If you don’t carve out space in your life, nobody else will. 

Provide margins between things in your life. Leave earlier so you don’t have to rush. Say no to things so you can rest and not feel guilty. Space allows the world to seep in as your brain comes out of lock-down mode…so you can become more creative, less reactive. 

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