Honor Personality Types and Win the Sale

It could be at a party, in a business meeting, a dental office or in a real estate deal. Someone just rubs you wrong. Short interactions don’t typically reveal peoples’ true colors, but in extended situations where both parties have a vested interest in how decisions turn out, those innate colors shine brightly. Sometimes they compliment each other and sweeten the deal. Other times they clash loudly…and it’s hard to make a masterpiece out of a mess.

In sales, a little psychology goes a long way.  One fascinated peek into what underpins your client’s thought process can lend quite an advantage as you work to help them find the right product. People’s personality types wire them in certain ways that deserve attention! 

Take a Test

There are plenty of free quizzes out there; here is one that will get you started. Start with yourself. Once you know which box you fit in and why you act the way you do—with your preferences, your aversions, your tendencies right there in black and white—you’ll see how valuable this information could be in every kind of relationship. You’ll feel validated! You’ll forgive yourself. You’ll want to improve your weaknesses—everybody’s been right.   Most of all, you’ll be a lot more willing to accommodate others and stop hating on them for not being like you! 

Know the Types 

As a sales representative, you see all kinds. Take an hour to read the 16 types. Pick out which one fits your spouse, kids, friends, boss, and neighbor. Once you’ve put a type on a person you know well, within a few sentences of meeting a client, you’ll have a general idea of which type you’re dealing with…and you can accommodate them. Every interaction has the potential to become smoother with honor, and they don’t have to know you’ve peeked under their hood to figure out how.

Speed Read People

Check out this great site that will jump start your ability to assess people in short order. See this article, with infographics that show to best handle different kinds of people in business dealings….and make it a win-win.

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