Love the Process for Stronger Closings

Brian Tracy, long known for straight-forward advice and savvy business techniques, has a classic video worth watching called 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale. (Watch it here.) Though the outfits are 80’s the concepts ring true, for people do not  fundamentally change. 

To successfully close the sale, follow psychology! He demonstrates how people  work, and his tips are worth attention because they work. Essentially, people have trouble making decisions. Your job is to help them along in that process. Have these and see dramatically stronger closings:


Nothing gets done without enthusiasm. Truly, a positive buying experience comes when you believe in your product so much that you’d use it yourself…even sell it to your own mother…and are able to transfer your enthusiasm to another person. It’s that simple: you inspire them to believe as you do. The type of enthusiasm Tracy refers to is “constrained,” not gushing—that kind is weird. Constrained enthusiasm percolates from a source of inner excitement that can’t be faked. People trust and let true enthusiasm inside where it may have influence.

Confident Expectation

When you go into a situation with open eyes, a wide smile, a good mood and expectation of positive reception, your high frequency attracts people to respond in kind. Expect them to say yes, and they most often will. Do not be assumptive (“would you like the red or green one today?”), but have confidence that once you’ve allowed the process to bloom into its natural endpoint, they will agree.

Love for the Process

closing the sale.jpg

Establish groundwork. Just as a beautiful woman rolls her eyes at a bad pick up line, a rushed closing pitch will not work—it will infuriate the prospective buyer by making them think you think they are an idiot. Allow them to demonstrate these four things: 

  • They need it
  • They will use it
  • They can afford it
  • They want it

At this point, groundwork exists in the process for you to build up to the opportunity you offer, where you provide the product that suits them well. 

Steadfast Leadership

The close was in the presentation. Tucked into your building process, woven into the conversation, somewhere they said and inner yes. Somewhere along the line, they inwardly agreed that they need the product. Your job is to help them navigate within the inevitable moment of sales tension: a struggle between their fear of failure (buyers’ remorse in advance) and your fear of rejection. Since you can’t do anything about their fear, deal with yours. Be immune to “no.” Hear it, for it’s indicating where they are as they deal with their issue, but let objections roll off your skin like rain. Handle their statements with grace and have one goal: to continue the process toward them finding and admitting the yes they already said. You are there to take them through this unavoidable process as quickly as possible (without rushing) so they may close the sale. Soon they will be able to experience the product for themselves, having made a solid decision—and that’s a win for everyone. 

At ATC, we know how people work, and have committed ourselves to working with them…and teaching you how to work with them.  In matters of sales, management and services, we excel and we want you and your business to excel as well! Contact us today to begin or continue your process today!