The Art and Science of Building Value

Everybody’s seeking something. It’s the driving force behind all we do. We spend every moment we’re awake hunting or gathering, filling holes in our lives with whatever we can find. Being intentional about that tends to make for a much more successful experience…so do your clients a favor and help them discern what really lies at the bottom of their hearts’ desire. As you go, you may then also build value for your product in their mind. 

Identify These Major Motivations:

Saving and Earning

Whatever puts money in their pocket or keeps it from coming out will sing to the frugal or cash-strapped. Highlight features that eliminate or reduce costly maintenance steps and upkeep and you’ve got a happy buyer. Also, explore how a product’s potential earnings could increase the client’s wealth. For example, an expensive sedan could advance a realtor’s career by impressing high-end buyers. 


Single mom? Soccer mom? Convenience shows up on the tippy top of their list. Show how a product will shave time and effort off of their schedule or prevent frustrating inconvenience, and you will have a winner with a LOT of value. Imagine the joy of people all over the world when they heard: 

“With this washing machine, you’ll no longer have to wring things by hand; just push start and go about your day.”

 “The handy automatic reminder means you never have to worry about forgetting to pay your bills on time.”

“This cup holder on your mower gives you one free hand…”

Reduce Worry and Stress

Fear of the unknown controls much of the real estate in our imagination. Reliability, reassurance and the presence of a solid plan in case of emergency can free up mental bandwidth that they need to be creative—which is the opposite of worry. Folks can confidently move forward when they know something is definitely going to fulfill their needs.

Provide Safety

People just like to feel safe. Security is often the highest human value. Show how your product will protect them from harm and give them peace of mind in a crazy world. They will sleep better at night.

Social Status

Admit it: the “cool factor” has probably moved you to do some silly things. It’s real, and it plays a huge subconscious role in some purchasing decisions.  Power, beauty, esteem, respect—each of these factor into a product’s appeal. If it makes you more attractive and promises to get you noticed, it’s probably going to be something that haunts you until you own it. Never forget that the converse is also true: 

“If you don’t have this item, you’re going to look like a dork,” has sold many a trendy device. 

Social Consciousness 

Closely related to social status, the new category of social consciousness profoundly motivates a growing number of consumers. With environmental hot buttons like “green,” “low carbon footprint” and “sustainable energy” popping up all over, sometimes you don’t have to necessarily say a product does anything good, you just have to say it doesn’t do anything bad! Also keep in mind those altruistic causes your client may stand for; if the product could benefit that organization in any way, it could tip the scale. 


Fun. This may lead to the best purchasing decision ever! We all probably need to seek a little more fun in this day and age. Appeal to their inner Peter Pan and see what happens. You just never know….   

At ATC, we are interested in what interests your clients and closes the sale. Our systems and expertise can benefit you and your teams in ways that will move you forward into great success! Contact us today!