Finance and Insurance Instructor

Mike Stewart Finance and Insurance Trainer

Mike Stewart

Mike began his automotive career in 1987, starting as a finance manager in a high volume import store in St Louis. He instantly rose to the top spot in production. His achievements caught the attention of the largest retailer in the US at that time, with the Van Tuyl Group, where he assumed the role of Regional Finance Director. There he recruited, trained and oversaw all the finance managers as well as contributed to the development of the curriculum for the finance/insurance training schools.

The V.T finance departments led all dealer groups in the US during his tenure. However, he doesn’t claim all of the credit. Alot of the credit must go to the general managers, sales managers, and sales personnel who bought in to the process.

After 7 years, Mike got an opportunity to pursue his dream of building a training company that could serve all dealerships and as an owner of ATC he still teaches the finance/insurance classes and has been a visionary to help create all of the other training schools that ATC currently offers. His career motto is “We are in the Relationship business” echoes at every class. Mike resides in Peculiar, MO where he enjoys his family, listening to music as well as shooting shotguns.