Rob Whistle Sales Trainer

Sales Class Instructor

Rob Whistle

Rob began in sales in the automotive business in 1988. Like most veterans he has seen tremendous changes over the years. Having attended numerous sales, sales management, and finance courses.


Rob has had the privilege of  learning from some of the most knowledgable instructors in the industry. Rob truly understands the importance of fundamental and advanced sales training in todays market. Having been in sales for 16 years, as well as performing in mid-level management and ultimately as a senior manager of dealerships, Rob has witnessed first hand the need of proficiency in a salespersons overall skills.

During his tenure with A.T.C. Rob has helped implement a proven system in the class room as well as in the stores. The system is based on “real world” dealer scenarios, not classroom theory. Rob also stays in contact with the sales managers and dealer principles by visiting the stores to make sure the graduates are producing sales and following the proper procedures on a day to day basis. Rob resides in Raymore, MO and enjoys spending time with his family, as well as playing golf in his spare time.